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Vivela MCS is our new marketing slogan, and represents our company-wide commitment to the culture that makes MCS successful. In essence, we are telling the world that at MCS, we aim to live a great and wonderful life – Vivela!
Through Vívela, we are committed to 3 pillars – healthcare, healthy lifestyle and caring for our community - in all that we do, to create an environment that is enjoyable for our employees, helpful for our beneficiaries and fulfilling for all who we touch on a daily basis. Vívela MCS supports our Mission of providing “Genuine care to achieve a better life”, and will be the spirit and the image of the company that propels us towards attaining our Vision of “Being the leader of the healthcare industry in Puerto Rico”.
  • A tool set to improve the health of our employees and beneficiaries
  • Wellness programs to attend to the physical, mental, emotional, social, occupational and intellectual health dimensions that form part of every person’s total wellness
  • A caring attitude to support our beneficiaries towards their health goals
  • Programs and incentives aimed at promoting a healthy lifestyle
  • Enjoyable and educational activities that provide the necessary knowledge and motivation to develop healthy
  • Responsible social support for the physical, emotional and economic needs of our employees and beneficiaries
  • Entrepreneurial support to reignite the Puerto Rico economy and the spirit of the community to make Puerto Rico a better place for all who live here