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Conexión de Salud

MCS Conexión de Salud is a collaborative program that allows us to create the necessary connections between care providers, members, employees, and other components of the health care community so that we can work together for a healthier society and a stronger economy.

This program is based on three main pillars: compensation, communication, and technology.

Our pillars


This model is performance based, so it will relate payment for healthcare services to the quality of the service, rather than the quantity of services provided. The focus will be on positive patient outcomes, for example, reducing hospital readmissions or improving preventive care.


Through this pillar, providers will be able to exchange their knowledge and engage in peer-to-peer learning dynamics, thus helping each other to achieve better quality standards in their medical practices. As an added value, by actively participating in this type of events they will establish their personal brand and reputation as a reliable source of information in the medical community and the media.


To achieve the integration of efforts towards the common goal for MCS, it is essential to incorporate adequate technological tools to its work process. That is why we continuously implement tools that allow us to communicate better with our providers and continue working together to further improve care for our members.

Our Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Inés Hernández, along with Dr. Carolyn Rodríguez, Pharmacy Executive Vicepresident, and Roberto Torres, Chief Operating Officer, tell us how the MCS Conexión de Salud program has evolved over the years to support our providers.

Connecting with our network

Participate in our events aimed at strengthening our provider network through educational experiences in multiple modalities. Learn about these activities and sign up.


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